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The Best Honey In London (Almost)

The Bermondsey Street Bees have been hitting the high notes again, winning yet another major award. At the 82nd National Honey Show, held in Weybridge last week, my hardworking rooftop divas landed second prize in the open, blind-tasted Best Honey Within the M25 category.This is their third award-winning year in a row, following: 2012: Best Rooftop Honey and Best Packaging at the London Honey Show.
2011: Best Honey Within the M25 at the National Honey Show & Best Restaurant Honey at the London Honey Show. Whisper it quietly: The Bermondsey Street Bees consistently deliver London's finest honey!

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Honey Laundering

This is a shocking story about the largest food fraud ever perpetrated in the USA. Groeb Honey, a Michigan honey processor, was caught in a Homeland Security sting known as Project Honeygate due to its buying relationship with Germany's ALW, which was illegally importing cheap, adulterated honey from China. One heck of a good reason to buy local honey!

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“Pop Up” Honey

Perfect Sunday weather for dressing honey jars - wet, cold and windy!

Here's the first look at our exclusive pop-up Honey offering for 2013 - Southwark Honey ! While our classic "Bermondsey Street Honey" is as scintillating as ever, the same brigade now brings you "Southwark Honey" - a one-off brand!

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“The question is not what you look at, but what you see. We must look for a long time before we can see”. This 1851 entry in Henry Thoreau’s Journal is so Zen that you could plausibly add the epithet, “grasshopper” to the end of the quote without corrupting its tone. Piccadilly or SE1, Zen Buddhist or Industrial Revolutionary, 1815 or 2013, geologist or beekeeper, William Smith's legacy helps us to transform plain sight into insight.

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The Day The Queen Came To Tea

I hope that you will be entertained by "The Day The Queen Came To Tea", which is 4-minute video which takes a gently ironic look at the British deference to monarchy and love of ceremony, morphed into an actual Queen bee introduction to a new hive. The movie was premiered at the London Honey Show 2013 on 7th October 2013. And what, I hear you ask, about my day-job ? Well, dear reader, let me confess that I was back at my desk in E1 at 6.50am the next morning...

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The Fan Club

Here is a video of a small group of my bees, "The Fan Club", standing in a row on the landing-board of their hive, busily fanning air into the hive. See this - and more - on the Bermondsey Street Bees' own video channel BermondseyStreetBeesOnAir

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NOx-ious Chemicals

Honeybees' ability to find flowers could be hampered by a specific group of chemicals found in diesel exhaust, known as NOx, which may diminish the insects' response to floral scents.

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Keeping It Clean

Hive hygiene is important all year round to preserve healthy bee colonies from cross-infection by diseased bees. And even more so as we clean and repair the tools of our beekeeping trade as we prepare to store them away over winter. But all year round, by far the most effective method of controlling the spread of disease is for the beekeeper to exercise a minimal, but crucial cleansing ritual for the kit.

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