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It's a funny old thing, beespace. At 5/16 of an inch, it shares its awkward mathematics with other constants like pi, attractively packaged at 3.14159, or the speed of light, which clocks on at precisely 299,792,458 metres/second. In a parallel universe, in which Douglas Adams wrote the Beekeeper's Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything would be 5/16 of an inch (rather than the correct answer of 42 for our own universe, of course).

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Check out the Bermondsey Street Bees' dedicated video channel BermondseyStreetBeesOnAir on YouTube !

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Top Party Tips

Intriguingly, it is the sweet pulp of the Fiano grape which holds a peculiar attraction for foraging bees. Which makes sense, since the modern Fiano grape is said to have been the grape known in Roman times as vitis apiana, which made the legendary Roman wine Apianum.So next time you are scanning a wine list for a light, lip-smacking white wine, see if you can spot a Fiano. And make a bee-line for it!

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“B Is For Bill”

This article "B is for Bill" from the Royal Academy Winter magazine features Bill Woodrow RA as an experimental sculptor and a recent convert to the craft of beekeeping. In particular, Bill discusses his 1997 sculpture "Beekeeper and Four Hives".

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December Blossom

Blossom at City Hall : sunny, blue skies and 11 degrees....perfect for a Sunday stroll. And so the Bermondsey Street Bees are flying on 8th December 2013 ! Merry Christmas !

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