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In Abeyance

There are worse ways to spend the Easter holiday than gently gardening in the sunshine, amongst bumblebees and butterflies aplenty. So, I hear you ask, what’s all this got to do with honeybees ? Well, nothing. That’s the point. I didn’t see a single honeybee over 6 days in the spring-flowering gardens. Not one.

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The Age Of Aquarius

Observing unusual behaviour (no pun intended) can often reveal fascinating discoveries about bees.

For example, what on earth were these bees doing, crowding busily onto the rim of a white central heating vent as if it were a flower ? Most mysterious.

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The Q-Factor : Vote Now !

The Q-Factor: Vote Now - The Pollen Station Is Open ! Who Is The Fairest 2014 Bermondsey Street Queen Of All ?

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In The Apiary : Early April : Queen Cups

Welcome to the first Bermondsey Street Apiary report of 2014. Executive summary: the bees are in great shape. So much so that, in early April, I found some Queen Cups. Half-empty or half-full, Queen Cups are fundamentally important to successful beekeeping.

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Borage: So you’re a blue, hairy botanical called borago officinalis?

Nil desperandum - you add zing to Pimms and the bees love you!

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Magnolia gets a bad press: its off-white hue is the flying duck of decorative paint finishes. Available over the counter at all good hardware stores as BS 08B15, its 5-litre cans are beloved of property developers and interior designers (the bland leading the blonde). As inoffensive as a limp handshake, yet equally infuriating, magnolia's wishy-washy, wall-to-wall pallor occupies a realm beyond cliché. Well, I'm here to intervene and restore some balance.

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Shock Claim: “King Harold Was Slain By A Giant Varroa Mite”

Serge Pantalon, philosopher and self-proclaimed “movement”, has shocked the beekeeping world by detecting a giant varroa mite, under-stitched into the first weave of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, stealing away like an assassin from the scene of Harold's death.

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