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Beside The Seaside

Hey, Bermondsey Street Bees - have you seen what your Suffolk cousins have been up to ?

"A bright coastal honey, gathered between the woods & the water"!

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Top Drop

I'm immodestly proud of my answer to Hannah Rhodes' (founder of Hiver Beer) question: “What's your single favourite thing about bees?”

Answer: “They live outside. Generally”.

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In The Apiary : Mid-July : Cirque Du SE1

When I click my fingers, the lights go up and I’m standing amongst the hives, in white bee-jacket and veil, brandishing a hive tool in one blue-gloved hand and a frame of bees in the other. Just like a ringmaster under a beekeeping big top.

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Beekeeping Quote Of The Week.

"I've started reading the bee-books to the bees. It's the only way they'll ever learn". John Chapple. Bee-rilliant !

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A Bermondseyshire Farmer

The journey starts with a packet of seeds and ends up with enough produce to fill a greengrocer's stall and hundreds of jars of award-winning honey. In the middle of this busy, two-way throughfare are the Bermondsey Street Bees. Ooo-arr, me old cocker.

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Bees ? Bureaucracy ? Pull the other one! Fair enough: mention beekeeping to me 10 years ago and the image of a jolly countryman, unkempt and mildly anarchic, would amble into view. Certainly not today's reality of a day-job stockbroker qwertying hive data to the Cloud from his wife's iPad!

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