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Greater Honeyguide

In sub-Saharan Africa, the Greater Honeyguide makes a persistent, repetitive call only to humans in an extraordinary co-operative act between human honey-hunters and bird.

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Bees In Africa

The Star from Kenya reports that Africa's largest bee laboratory has opened in Nairobi. I'd never heard of "Colonial Lapse Syndrome" before!

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So how about a new, al fresco, roof-top, female collective atelier on Bermondsey Street ? Cool ! Let's call it @piary.

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Bermondsey Saffron

A final flourish on my SE1 allotment for 2014 – a fantastic harvest of Bermondsey saffron. Each crocus flower has three thin red stigmas, each of which dries to a strand of fragrant saffron. Not to forget the yellow stamens, powdered deep with pollen. They're for the Bermondsey bees !

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Autumn Bouquet

I sowed some locally scavenged wildflower seeds in opened ground at our Leathermarket Gardens Community Planting to provide good early multi-floral forage in 2015, amidst the apple trees and currant bushes planted last Spring. And on my way home I came across this scandalously gorgeous autumn bouquet, in a single leaf. New seeds and fallen leaves: completing the cycle. Apt.

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Honey Wall

Alongside our proud National and London Honey Show awards, we thought that the great British public deserved its own say on our Bermondsey Street Honey So here is our "Honey Wall".

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Pump Street

I challenge anyone to come up with a better invitation than the one I received from Joanna Brennan to visit Pump Street Chocolate's factory ? Anyone ? Thought not.....

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“From Bee To Jar”.

“From Bee To Jar”. Those four short words describe the continuum of care in my honey production. I rear healthy bees, oversee the colony build-up and harvest exquisite, raw honey, which is then cold-filtered and packaged to the highest standards. It’s that simple.

I start the year by rearing healthy bees, curating their build up into the nectar flows and finally harvesting exquisite, raw honey, which is then packaged to the highest standards. “From Bee To Jar”. It’s that simple.

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Luxury Goods

Honey: mankind's original Luxury item, links our fleeting, tweeting, expleting world with a primeval era when luxury and necessity were the same thing. There is no difference between the first homo sapiens' experience of raw, local honey and your taste of it in 2015.

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