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The Devil’s In The Detail

In the wake of the BBKA's 2014 Honey Yields Report, here's my call to action for urban beekeepers - let’s get more forage in the ground !

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2014’s “Best Honey Crop In 5 Years”

BBKA Reports "Best Honey Crop In 5 Years". This is clearly good news - but 2014's yield is still 20% below historic averages. The essential message for urban beekeepers, not mentioned in this report, is clearly: "Plant More Forage !"

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Mild Weather Warning

Funnily enough, an extended period of warm winter weather threatens two problems for bees: starvation and disease.

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What is Propolis ? If you cast your mind back to springtime and touching the sticky brown outers of horse chestnut buds, then you have an idea of the adhesive properties of propolis. You also have a clue as to its muddy khaki hue and to its arboreal origins. What you cannot imagine, though, is the pervasive, gloopy, gunkiness of propolis. It is not a uniform, clean-cut precision stickiness like sellotape. It’s more like melted chocolate at a five-year-old’s birthday party; the pancaked slap on a pantomime dame; a mastic gun in the hands of a Sunday DIYer after a pub lunch.

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There'll Be Nae Moose Loose Aboot This Hoose!

A mouseguard is a strip of galvanised metal, punctuated with 10mm circular holes which are ample for a bee (even with good saddlebags of pollen!) to enter the hive, but which exclude even the most sinuous mouse.

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Finding The Queen

At 2014's Bermondsey Street Festival my glass-sided observation hive, full of live bees from Thames hive, made a remarkable debut.

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Tanner Street Park

A big "Thank You" from the Bermondsey Street Bees to Southwark Council, their exemplary Parks Department and Manager Andy Chatterton for a major improvement to Tanner Street Park.

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Suffolk Coastal Honey

Our delicious Suffolk Coastal Honey is now on sale in its home town of Orford - at the winner of the BBC's Best Food Producer 2012 - the illustrious Pump Street Bakery. An ideal gift from the Suffolk Heritage Coast, with or without a bar of Pump Street's extraordinary "bean to bar" artisanal chocolate!

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