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The Poly Hive

With the bees flying from my experimental polystyrene hive with the thermometer at just 4C (note that 10C is generally viewed as the lowest safe temperature for bees to fly), the Optimist and the Pessimist have different interpretations.

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The WBC Hive

Let’s hear it for the WBC hive, the stately home of the beekeeping world. Painted white, it exudes classic calm and harmony and sets off the vigorous greens of an English spring to perfection. An elegant façade, certainly, but reassuringly revving with industry on the inside !

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Eye Of The Storm

Each winter, there’s a patch of weather which furrows the beekeeper’s brow. The BBC's weather forecast suggest that high winds, sharp showers and zero degree temperatures forecast for the next 10 days look like being 2015’s pinch-point.

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A Mid-Winter’s Day Dream

On top of a wintry Cotswold hill, I took a moment to imagine a bee-loud summer evening, with the warm sun settling into the horizon as the smell of honey exhales from the hive...

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Red Admiral

I was amazed to see this Red Admiral on a wind-swept Tower Bridge Road at noon on 10th January 2015. A reminder for beekeepers that Nature doesn’t read the same books that we do !

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Frame Of Mind

The first thing you need to know about beekeeping is that it is not glamorous. Let’s face it there’s no “Strictly Come Beekeeping”, no “Ready, Steady, Beekeep” nor even “The Z-Factor” on TV. And there’s a reason for that.

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