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Rummage Party

A "rummage party" is a naval term for a speculative search of a boat, in search of smuggled or contraband goods. I love the expression. And I have adopted it as my name for the very first inspection of each hive in 2015

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Planting, Pugs And Politicians

I’m not superstitious. But whenever we convene to work on the edible planting/wildflower space in Leathermarket Gardens, it rains. Trundle a wheelbarrow onto the site and the heavens open. Uncanny. But last Sunday, we we also joined by Simon Hughes, Lib-Dem MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark for the last 29 years.

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Changeling Varroa

New research into the varroa mite has revealed the fiendish cunning of these deadly bee parasites - they employ chemical camouflage to move, undetected, from the bee, on which they feed, into the brood cells, where they reproduce.

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Top Ten Plants For Bees

Here's a simple "Top Ten" guide for practical, sustainable London planting for forage for honeybees.

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Forage Party

A small, but perfectly-formed, group of gardeners swooped on the wildflower and edible plantings at Leathermarket Gardens on Saturday morning, all tooled up for action, just as the icy grip of early February was lifting.

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Do Bees Hibernate ?

As winter takes hold, bees form their cluster: a gently dynamic, oval mass in the middle of the brood box. A cluster is quite hard to visualise, though, so It really made my day when I realised that a swarm of bees is just a naked cluster !

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