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Honey Wall

Honey Wall


Alongside our proud National and London Honey Show awards, we thought that the great British public deserved its own say on our Bermondsey Street Honey So here is our “Honey Wall”. With some recently received (unsolicited !) honeyed words:

Dale, your @BermondseyBees honey is extraordinary. Intense and flowery, best I’ve ever tasted.” SU

I bought some of your honey at the bermondsey street festival, and it’s really rather lovely. I’d like to take some home to my mum and dad in Cornwall and wonder where I could buy some more? GH

Today’s breakfast consisted of @osheasbutchers Irish breakfast sausages and @BermondseyBees Honey on toast. Life, I love you, all is groovy.” BB

Beautiful honey – it is indeed liquid sunshine.” SH

PLEASE  DO NOT bring any hostess present eTC, scented candle usw – people tend to and I know what a hassle it is…. The only exception I would make in your case is that I would love a jar of Dale’s rooftop honey, if possible.MM

We got to try some of your fresh honeycomb and it was delicious  ET

Very nice indeed” JM

Thanks for a sweet end to breakfast @Bermondsey Bees. It is the best” LC

I am a huge fan of your honey. I have purchased many jars for myself, family, friends and even work colleagues! EL

No-one says no to a jar of Bermondsey St honey! CB

Please feel free to add your own comments to our Wall using the “Comments” Box below…..

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