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Posts tagged ‘art’

Meet Betty

Betty is our beautiful new honeybee emblem. We commissioned her from one of Britain’s most celebrated illustrators, Chris Wormell. We gave Chris a tough brief: We wanted a linocut in the English Folk Art tradition, to underline the artisan nature of our honey. However it also had to be scientifically accurate…. on top of which we muttered something about the image having ‘personality'. All in all, quite a big ask for quite a small picture.

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So how about a new, al fresco, roof-top, female collective atelier on Bermondsey Street ? Cool ! Let's call it @piary.

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“B Is For Bill”

This article "B is for Bill" from the Royal Academy Winter magazine features Bill Woodrow RA as an experimental sculptor and a recent convert to the craft of beekeeping. In particular, Bill discusses his 1997 sculpture "Beekeeper and Four Hives".

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