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Posts tagged ‘Bajan’

Barbados Honey: Tasting At Sandy Lane

After meeting Sandy Lane's Executive Chef, Emmanuel Guémon, a plan took shape in my mind - I was determined to organise a first-ever Bajan honey tasting for Emmanuel and his brigade!

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Deadly Manchineel

The red rings around the trunk of the manchineel tree stand out against the white sand as it slopes down to the Caribbean sea. The faded rings are an alert to sun-saturated holidaymakers that its shade should be avoided. Not for bees, though.

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Bret’s Bajan Bees

On a previous visit to Barbados, I had met Ben The Bajan Beekeeper. I subsequently received an invitation from one of Ben's fellow beekeepers, Bret Tujela, to visit his Bajan Bees when I was next on the island. Here's the story of Bret's Bajan Bees.

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The Sawh Dynasty

The Sawh Dynasty. Maff spotted the sign, on the outskirts of Bridgetown, Barbados: "Sawh's Bee Hiving Enterprise - we specialize in bee hive removal. 100% pure Honey. 100% pure Bajan." It was to lead to quite an adventure.

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