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Posts tagged ‘education’

In the Apiary : Mid-May : An Inspector Calls…

At 5.31pm precisely the doorbell rang. It was the Seasonal Bee Inspector for the South London, Brian McCallum. This was my first visit from an inspector. Or, as I like to look at it, the first time I have been offered a free beekeeping lesson from Her Majesty's Government.

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CSI Pollen

The Bermondsey Street Bees are participating in the COLOSS CSI Pollen study, which covers 18 European countries, working with Norman Carreck of the University of Sussex. This is an important adjunct to our own work on forage (watch this space!).

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Beekeeping Made Simple

Simple steps to follow to become a Master Beekeeper. After all these years, I'm just happy to learn something new every day...

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10 Out Of 10

Sarah and I were delighted to receive a collection of wonderful bee-drawings made by the pupils of Orford CEVA Primary School, following our bee-education day in March. Here are some random samples of the art-work. We marked them all 10 out of 10!

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Back To School !

I was preparing to take my bees into Orford Primary School. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. That time was last September, when I offered to bring the bees in to show to the children. Now it was mid-March, 5C and in the middle of a solar eclipse, with a clammy, dank light fading perceptibly. And I was decanting Queen Beryl and 5 frames of bees out of Snape Hive and putting them into a glass observation hive to take into the school. Suddenly, it didn’t seem such a good idea, after all.

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