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In The Apiary : Mid June : Jet and Indigo

In life, as in beekeeping, when you collaborate with talented people, good things happen. When Hung (pronounced "Hoong") Quach approached me to propose an article about the Bermondsey Street Bees' rooftop apiary, in the "Locality" section of her Jet and Indigo blog, I was delighted to accept.

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Leathermarket Gardens : One Year On

Last weekend, we witnessed a minor metrological miracle. For once, the rain held off when we went in to weed and plant our patch of fruiting trees and bushes, herbs and wildflowers in Leathermarket Gardens. It's good to see the plants getting their feet down and fruiting copiously, now that the blossom has almost gone - a sure sign that the Bermondsey Street pollination brigade has been on the wing ! That's what it's all about, after all.

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Oyez, Oyez !

Tune into BBC Radio 4's "Saturday Live" from 9am - 10.30am on 4th April 2015 to hear all about the Bermondsey Street Bees. It's Abbey Hive's first inspection of the year - and we're shouting it from the rooftops!

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Bee Craft : Forage Hangout


Foraging Beekeeper, Out & About

Thanks to James Dearsley at Bee Craft for hosting this on-line Google+ “Hang-out” on Forage and Natural Beekeeping tonight.

More on my Berlin trip later. It gave me exceptionally intriguing insights into another city’s beekeeping experience. Much more on Forage later, too. I’ve been out and about on that topic and have a real breakthrough. By beekeepers, for beekeepers. Yes, indeed!

But for now, here’s the Hang-Out….

Planting, Pugs And Politicians

I’m not superstitious. But whenever we convene to work on the edible planting/wildflower space in Leathermarket Gardens, it rains. Trundle a wheelbarrow onto the site and the heavens open. Uncanny. But last Sunday, we we also joined by Simon Hughes, Lib-Dem MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark for the last 29 years.

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Forage Party

A small, but perfectly-formed, group of gardeners swooped on the wildflower and edible plantings at Leathermarket Gardens on Saturday morning, all tooled up for action, just as the icy grip of early February was lifting.

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Autumn Bouquet

I sowed some locally scavenged wildflower seeds in opened ground at our Leathermarket Gardens Community Planting to provide good early multi-floral forage in 2015, amidst the apple trees and currant bushes planted last Spring. And on my way home I came across this scandalously gorgeous autumn bouquet, in a single leaf. New seeds and fallen leaves: completing the cycle. Apt.

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Fruit Crime

I wish to report a fruit crime. A shrub-napping. Three currant bushes were taken from our Leathermarket Gardens planting. for my fellow community gardeners, the stolen shrubberies have been lost forever - but for the Bermondsey Street Bees, the bushes have been, in the worst case, just temporarily mislaid.

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go!

We now have fruiting apple trees, currant bushes and many climbers and flowers in a previously bleak corner of Leathermarket Gardens.

Our Leathermarket community planting puts in the ground reliable, sustainable bee-forage, planned and dug by volunteers. In the rain.

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