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Posts tagged ‘nosema’

In The Apiary : Late September : Mishaps

The catalogue of woe in my Suffolk apiary last weekend was bigger and wider than Argos's Christmas edition. So I binned it and started again. I'm going to call last weekend's events "mishaps". Not misadventures and not disasters. Not yet.

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Tea And Biscuits

"Keep Calm and Carry On” was the rallying call in another, now distant, crisis. To combat the current manifest of maladies and affliction in our bee-hives, I would propose the antidote which worked for me last weekend, swapping bee-stories with John Chapple: “Break Out the Tea and Biscuits - and Talk Bees !”

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In The Apiary : Mid-June : A Recipe For Bees

Here's the recipe to make perfect Queen bees: take 6 new queen cells; leave two in situ and place two each in two Kieler breeding mini-hives, together with some starter wax strips to get the brood comb started; add 250g of bakers' fondant; finally pour in a "cupful" of young bees. Leave to prove for 2 1/2 weeks. Et voila!

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A Wax Opera

Regrettably, in many glossy epics, the prima donna meets with misadventure and is written out of the script. Deprived of her familiar image on the screen, the audience suffers temporary bereavement, but, after a short period of mourning, soon warms to the replacement heroine. Taking that message to heart, we say a fond “adieu” to Ruby, Queen of Shard Hive and prime the PR pumps for Primrose, Queen of Thames Hive - as the Bermondsey Street Bees’ new diva.

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I guess that this year, anything which started out wonky in the hives has proved to be really hard to set right. I made the mistake of hoping that, come the sunshine and some big nectar flows, a touch of nosema would be busily swept away - and that substituting a drone-laying 2012 Queen with a nubile, red-dotted youngster would restore Shard to its former glories. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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