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Posts tagged ‘Penny Robertson’

The Poly Hive

With the bees flying from my experimental polystyrene hive with the thermometer at just 4C (note that 10C is generally viewed as the lowest safe temperature for bees to fly), the Optimist and the Pessimist have different interpretations.

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He’s Behind You!

“That’s funny, Dale. Why do you stand behind your hive when you're working it?” Penny Robertson asked.

Good question. It had never occurred to me to think about where I stand in relation to the hive I am inspecting.

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In The Apiary : Mid September : BIAS

Unlike the majority of free-born Englishmen (and women), when a beekeeper encounters BIAS, contentment reigns. BIAS is the acronym for "Brood In All Stages" inside the engine-room of the hive. Those stages are : egg, larva, pupa, emergence of new bee.

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Dancing In The Dark

You may be one of the few fortunate souls on god’s green earth who has not been button-holed recently by a beekeeper complaining about how depressingly poor the last couple of years have been for bees. But in any case, you are probably aware of the severe pressure on bee-populations, of the trials and tribulations of the craft of beekeeping. But please take away from this monograph that, however tough it has seemed, there are still rewarding moments to be extracted, jewels of appreciation to be mined with a hive-tool - including the simple waggle of a single bee !

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