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Posts tagged ‘Serge Pantalon’

Taking The “Eek” Out Of Beekeeping

The beekeeping world has been rocked to its foundations by an amazing new exhibit at the Ideal Hive Show: Serge Pantalon, zeitgeist mentor, paradigm-shifter and philosopher, has invented a hive without bees.

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Telling The Bees

"Where there are human beings, there exists the possibility of turmoil.” - Serge Pantalon, philosopher and self-proclaimed “movement”.

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Shock Claim: “King Harold Was Slain By A Giant Varroa Mite”

Serge Pantalon, philosopher and self-proclaimed “movement”, has shocked the beekeeping world by detecting a giant varroa mite, under-stitched into the first weave of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, stealing away like an assassin from the scene of Harold's death.

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Broken Phone Art : “Bee”

I shut my mobile in the car door last weekend. “Broken Phone Art” was born ! Here's the prototype image: “Bee”.

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