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Bret’s Bajan Bees

On a previous visit to Barbados, I had met Ben The Bajan Beekeeper. I subsequently received an invitation from one of Ben's fellow beekeepers, Bret Tujela, to visit his Bajan Bees when I was next on the island. Here's the story of Bret's Bajan Bees.

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The Sawh Dynasty

The Sawh Dynasty. Maff spotted the sign, on the outskirts of Bridgetown, Barbados: "Sawh's Bee Hiving Enterprise - we specialize in bee hive removal. 100% pure Honey. 100% pure Bajan." It was to lead to quite an adventure.

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Bee Craft : Forage Hangout


Foraging Beekeeper, Out & About

Thanks to James Dearsley at Bee Craft for hosting this on-line Google+ “Hang-out” on Forage and Natural Beekeeping tonight.

More on my Berlin trip later. It gave me exceptionally intriguing insights into another city’s beekeeping experience. Much more on Forage later, too. I’ve been out and about on that topic and have a real breakthrough. By beekeepers, for beekeepers. Yes, indeed!

But for now, here’s the Hang-Out….

Changeling Varroa

New research into the varroa mite has revealed the fiendish cunning of these deadly bee parasites - they employ chemical camouflage to move, undetected, from the bee, on which they feed, into the brood cells, where they reproduce.

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Christmas Day Varroa Treat(-ment)

It's Christmas Day and this video shows the Bermondsey Street Bees in Abbey Hive receiving a health-giving anti-varroa treat(-ment).

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Bees In Africa

The Star from Kenya reports that Africa's largest bee laboratory has opened in Nairobi. I'd never heard of "Colonial Lapse Syndrome" before!

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In Abeyance

There are worse ways to spend the Easter holiday than gently gardening in the sunshine, amongst bumblebees and butterflies aplenty. So, I hear you ask, what’s all this got to do with honeybees ? Well, nothing. That’s the point. I didn’t see a single honeybee over 6 days in the spring-flowering gardens. Not one.

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Shock Claim: “King Harold Was Slain By A Giant Varroa Mite”

Serge Pantalon, philosopher and self-proclaimed “movement”, has shocked the beekeeping world by detecting a giant varroa mite, under-stitched into the first weave of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, stealing away like an assassin from the scene of Harold's death.

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Ben The Bajan Beekeeper

An adventure is when you start a journey not knowing where it will end. So when I set off to the Caribbean, in search of a typical beekeeper on the island of Barbados, my quest had all the component parts of an adventure: a new destination and no inkling of how an outcome might be achieved. This was deliberate. I wanted to meet an ordinary beekeeper. My research had already identified my namesake, the bajan beekeeping supremo, Rudy Gibson, as the hottest hand on the island. But I was determined to find my beekeeper by trusting to chance, rather than idly clicking through Google or TripAdvisor. My plan was to arrive in Barbados, don sunglasses, shorts and flip-flops and just keep my eyes and ears open.

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Of Vampires And Varroa

Like vampires, varroa delight in the coffin-dark environment of the bee-hive. These oval vamps, the colour of dried blood, sink their fangs into the pale, defenceless larval bee. Consider if you will, a dinner-plate-sized succubus bolted with sharp claws to the middle of your back, sucking your life-blood. That is the human equivalent of what varroa-infected bees experience.

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