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Relaxation Therapy

Here’s a soothing duet of bees and birdsong from a Suffolk garden. Well, more bees than birdsong, really. But if you like bees, you'll find it deeply relaxing !

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How Long Do Bees Live ?

It all depends. A typical beekeeperly answer. But everything really does depend on which month a bee is born in. A summer bee will have a short life-span, sometimes just six sun-kissed weeks. A winter bee, on the other hand, can live for six whole months ! Why the big difference ?

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Bee Craft : Forage Hangout


Foraging Beekeeper, Out & About

Thanks to James Dearsley at Bee Craft for hosting this on-line Google+ “Hang-out” on Forage and Natural Beekeeping tonight.

More on my Berlin trip later. It gave me exceptionally intriguing insights into another city’s beekeeping experience. Much more on Forage later, too. I’ve been out and about on that topic and have a real breakthrough. By beekeepers, for beekeepers. Yes, indeed!

But for now, here’s the Hang-Out….

The Poly Hive

With the bees flying from my experimental polystyrene hive with the thermometer at just 4C (note that 10C is generally viewed as the lowest safe temperature for bees to fly), the Optimist and the Pessimist have different interpretations.

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Christmas Day Varroa Treat(-ment)

It's Christmas Day and this video shows the Bermondsey Street Bees in Abbey Hive receiving a health-giving anti-varroa treat(-ment).

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Honeyfacturing is a 3-day job which takes twelve whole months to complete. That's because the simple secret to great honey is rearing healthy bees - and that is an all-year-round project. In my book, that makes the gestation period for a jar of honey 25% longer than that for a human child.

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Check out the Bermondsey Street Bees' dedicated video channel BermondseyStreetBeesOnAir on YouTube !

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The Fan Club

Here is a video of a small group of my bees, "The Fan Club", standing in a row on the landing-board of their hive, busily fanning air into the hive. See this - and more - on the Bermondsey Street Bees' own video channel BermondseyStreetBeesOnAir

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