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“Bee-Berlin” Conference

The day was dawning brightly over Heathrow. With my bee-goggles on, I was contemplating the planes at Terminal Hive - sorry, Terminal Five - taking off and landing and contrasting their hulking ploddishness with the grace and elegance of bees performing the same activities. Sarah and I were on our way to Berlin for a long weekend. Better yet, I had been invited to attend a “Bee-Berlin” Conference at the Abgeordnetenhaus (Berlin State Parliament) on the Friday afternoon. The best of both worlds.

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Bee Craft : Forage Hangout


Foraging Beekeeper, Out & About

Thanks to James Dearsley at Bee Craft for hosting this on-line Google+ “Hang-out” on Forage and Natural Beekeeping tonight.

More on my Berlin trip later. It gave me exceptionally intriguing insights into another city’s beekeeping experience. Much more on Forage later, too. I’ve been out and about on that topic and have a real breakthrough. By beekeepers, for beekeepers. Yes, indeed!

But for now, here’s the Hang-Out….

Three Feet Or Three Miles

The golden rule of beekeeping is: “Three feet or three miles”. It sounds enigmatic until it is revealed as the shorthand version of an exhortation to the beekeeping faithful that: “Thou shalt not move a bee-hive more than three feet, nay, verily, nor less than three miles. No way. Or else". Here's why...

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Digging For Victory

Real beekeeping starts long before you pull on a bee-suit. Yesterday, for the third weekend in the month of February, I was out and about with a spade in my hand. All in the cause of bees and beekeeping. Digging for beekeeping victory, I call it. And on the one other weekend in February, I was taking the Minutes at the Leiston Beekeeping Association AGM, with pen in my hand. And with not a bee in sight.

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Forage Party

A small, but perfectly-formed, group of gardeners swooped on the wildflower and edible plantings at Leathermarket Gardens on Saturday morning, all tooled up for action, just as the icy grip of early February was lifting.

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Do Bees Hibernate ?

As winter takes hold, bees form their cluster: a gently dynamic, oval mass in the middle of the brood box. A cluster is quite hard to visualise, though, so It really made my day when I realised that a swarm of bees is just a naked cluster !

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The Poly Hive

With the bees flying from my experimental polystyrene hive with the thermometer at just 4C (note that 10C is generally viewed as the lowest safe temperature for bees to fly), the Optimist and the Pessimist have different interpretations.

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Eye Of The Storm

Each winter, there’s a patch of weather which furrows the beekeeper’s brow. The BBC's weather forecast suggest that high winds, sharp showers and zero degree temperatures forecast for the next 10 days look like being 2015’s pinch-point.

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A Mid-Winter’s Day Dream

On top of a wintry Cotswold hill, I took a moment to imagine a bee-loud summer evening, with the warm sun settling into the horizon as the smell of honey exhales from the hive...

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Christmas Day Varroa Treat(-ment)

It's Christmas Day and this video shows the Bermondsey Street Bees in Abbey Hive receiving a health-giving anti-varroa treat(-ment).

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